Saturday, November 26, 2011

Slovakia: Day of school libraries and our stories in a Multimedia´s reading book

We realised project teaching on the day of school libraries. Students created a tool for teaching for children from Slovakia. And what was our project´s day?
Pupils first created stories and read them to classmates. Later their texts wrote in Microsoft Word on a computer. Then they draw illustrations in program Paint. Later each student recorded the audio recording of his story in program Audacity. Finally, each pupil put your new story, picture and sound records of the stories to a reading book. Our stories with the audio recordings we can find at:

Video from creating of the stories:

Our stories:

Natanael Varjan:
Matúš Mydlo:
Viktória Drugová:
Anna Ermová:
Miroslava Ščamborová:
Diana Čereviková:
Viktória Konfederáková:
Viktor Verba:
Hanka Kremnická: